Why do I need a patch test before laser hair removal?
Patch tests are routinely done before having your hair coloured or having semi-permanent make-up. It’s an important safety check to ensure that people are not sensitive to the dyes and products used, but clients often ask us ‘Why do I need a patch test before I have laser hair removal?’
The key reasons why we offer every new laser hair removal client a free patch test are:

  • It’s an industry-recommended safety check – and health and safety is a top priority at Avance Clinic.
  • It allows you to experience laser hair removal and feel comfortable with the process before starting a course of treatment.
  • It allows your fully-qualified, laser technician to understand more about how your skin behaves when exposed to light. Along with the questionnaire you complete, it means we can give you an honest assessment about the results you can expect and how long it will take until you are hair-free.

How a patch test helps laser hair removal to be safe and effective

Your patch test is part of our thorough consultation process. We will assess your skin type and we use this and the information you tell us, about how you tan, your age and health, your ethnicity and any medication you may be taking, to form a safe and effective plan of treatment.

We believe there are four things that every customer should look for in a hair removal clinic:

  • Robust health and safety procedures carried out by trained staff members. If you make an enquiry about laser hair removal at a salon or clinic that does NOT insist on a patch test, please think carefully about going somewhere else.
  • Clear and transparent pricing – so you know how much your treatment will cost before you make your booking.
  • Expert, honest advice.
  • Great customer service.

We believe we offer all those at Avance Clinic as our testimonials show.

Hair removal by laser has been extensively researched for many years now and is extremely safe when delivered by qualified technicians using high-quality machines.

What will happen in my laser hair removal patch test?

The patch test will be carried out on a small area of skin close to the area you want treated. The patch test will be done several days before your first booking so that there is time to assess the results and adapt your treatment plan accordingly if necessary. If everything is comfortable on the treated area after 24 hours then it is safe for us to go ahead with your sessions.

Skin on the face is totally different from the skin on your legs or bikini area. If you are booking multiple treatments across your body and face, we will patch test each separate area that is going to respond differently.

Lighter skin, darker skin and different types of hair – dark, coarse, fine – will require adjustments to the laser settings to give you the best possible results and a patch test helps us set these.

We have extensive experience in the use of lasers for hair removal, but in rare cases skin can react in a way we did not expect and this is why a patch test is so important. If there is an issue, only the small amount of skin that was patch-tested will be affected, rather than having a full treatment and having unexpected sensations on a larger area such as your whole legs.

What do I need to do before my laser hair removal patch test?

Our laser technician will tell you which area of skin will be patch-tested and you should make sure it is recently shaved but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT remove any hair from the root by plucking, waxing or epilating. This is because we need the hair root to be in place for the laser to act on it.

We will not charge you for a patch test, but this is not the case with every clinic.

The patch test appointment is also a valuable opportunity for you to ask your technician any questions about hair removal treatment with lasers. There is no such thing as a silly question, so do think carefully before your patch test about anything you want to ask.

We are committed to offering you the best customer service and we will expect you to let us know of anything that is worrying you, or get back to us after your patch test, if you think of another question. We are here to help and we want every client to be 100% happy.

Call us on 01332 460045 or email info@avanceclinic.co.uk to book your free patch test and consultation.