After years in the beauty business, I am committed to delivering the best possible results for my clients, which is why I have invested in a top-of-the-range LightSheer®Duet™ diode laser machine to provide high-quality, permanent hair reduction.

Many salons and clinics offer IPL treatments and I know that some people are confused about the difference between that and the laser hair removal that I offer – so here’s my rundown of the differences between the two methods.

What do laser hair removal and IPL have in common?

IPL and laser hair removal are both light-based treatments that can permanently reduce hair. They both involve using a beam of light on the skin which heats up the hair root, destroying it or causing permanent damage.

Confusingly, the word ‘laser’ is sometimes used as a general term to describe light-based hair reduction methods including IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Sometimes you will see IPL referred to as ‘IPL laser treatment’, but there are some big differences in how IPL works compared to the LightSheer®Duet™ diode laser machine that I use.

How does IPL hair removal work?

In IPL treatment, the light energy uses a source of broad-spectrum, visible light. For hair removal it can work for people with fair skin and black hair, but is less effective if you have a darker skin tone or hair containing brown or red pigment.

IPL can also be used for treating other skin conditions as well including spider veins and some types of birthmarks.

Some salons and clinics choose IPL because the technology is less expensive than investing in a laser machine. Treatments are often cheaper too. Because broad-spectrum light naturally spreads out, the energy is more diffused and less powerful than a laser and so you usually find that you need more sessions to achieve the results that you want.

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

A laser is an intensely-concentrated beam of light. Its energy is focused and penetrates deeper than IPL. Lasers can fix their energy on a precise area, which leads to more powerful treatments, greater accuracy in targeting hair roots and therefore more effective results.

Laser hair removal generally means less treatment sessions than IPL to achieve the results you want. Most clients also report that hair removal with a diode laser is less painful than IPL.

The laser can be set to use the exact wavelength needed to effectively destroy the hair root without damage to the skin.

Laser treatment is also more effective than IPL for people with darker skin tones, suntanned skin and hair of different shades.

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