Spring (and love) is in the air. Was there a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal in your family this year?

Maybe you’ve been engaged for a while and wedding day and honeymoon planning is in full swing. It’s such an exciting time and lots of brides-to-be (and bridegrooms-to-be), their friends and relatives will be heading to wedding fairs in the coming months to check out all the suppliers they need for the perfect day to remember.

They know they need the dresses and the suits, flowers, rings, probably a photographer and of course a venue for the big day. But have you thought about laser hair removal?

Why would brides and bridesmaids want laser hair removal?

If you are looking forward to being a summer bride, then maybe you have your heart set on a strapless gown. Silky-smooth underarms are essential for that big moment when you throw your bouquet to your excited bridesmaids and friends.

If your bridesmaids are in matching strapless gowns, they will want smooth underarms too, with no razor nicks, soreness from waxing or hair removal creams.

The joy of laser hair removal is that after a number of sessions, hair regrowth slows down and in many cases stops completely. You may just need an occasional top-up session to give you permanently hair-free skin.

I have invested in a top-of-the-range LightSheer®Duet™ diode laser machine, which can be set to use the exact wavelength needed to effectively destroy hair roots without damaging the skin. You could plan sessions now and then later this year you could have hair-free underarms and legs just in time for your wedding day and honeymoon. There would be no need to pack disposable razors or shavers, no need for waxing – which many people find painful – and no need for smelly, messy creams. Your legs won’t have razor nicks or stubble from regrowth.

Imagine waking up on the morning of your wedding knowing that you can have a dream day and honeymoon free from worries about unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal for the mother of the bride

Of course, it’s not just brides and bridesmaids who want smooth skin. Every mother looks forward to the wedding day of her daughter, but it’s a cruel trick of nature than many women attending the weddings of their grown-up children are in the grip of fluctuating hormones. This is usually because of the menopause or the perimenopause, which begins several years before a woman’s periods stop. The perimeopause is when the ovaries gradually begin to make less oestrogen.

These hormone fluctuations often result in hair growth on the face, chin and upper lip. If you are dark-haired, then this facial hair is likely to be dark too and it can cause massive embarrassment. When you are watching your children make their vows you don’t want to be ducking your head and trying to hide facial hair. Many women I know keep a disposable razor in their handbag because even if they shave in the morning the stubble can show through by the evening. It’s just not what you want as the mother of the bride (or the bridegroom).

So laser hair removal is a practical solution for women in middle age fighting a daily battle with facial hair. Sessions are quick and in the long term the treatment offers great value because you can hold your head up high and step out full of confidence and stop making regular payments for waxing, bleaching and other temporary solutions.

Does laser hair removal work for every woman?

Laser hair treatment works best on dark hair – which is also the most obvious and unsightly for women.

White and grey hairs are not suitable for laser hair removal because the beam of light from the laser targets melanin, the pigment that gives hair its colour. This concentrated blast of light travels to the hair root, permanently damaging it and stopping it growing again.

Hair grows in cycles, so every woman will need a series of treatments to obtain the results they want. Each treatment works effectively on hairs that are in the first stage of growth. Subsequent sessions will target new hairs that have reached this stage. More hairs will drop out as they die in the weeks following every treatment. Hairs that do grow back will grow more slowly and are also likely grow back thinner, less coarse and paler in colour making them less obvious.

Hairs in the first stage of growth, called Anagen, contain the most melanin so they absorb more light and can be heated to a higher temperature resulting in more complete destruction of the hair root.

The number of treatments each woman needs will vary depending on their genes, their hormone levels and perhaps any medication they are taking. I can offer a free, confidential assessment of your skin and advise you on what to expect.

Would a bridegroom want laser hair removal?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. I can treat men who may want to have smooth chests, shoulders and backs for their honeymoon and don’t want to messing about, wasting time with razors and shavers. Waxing is also far too painful for many men to tolerate.

It’s a very personal, individual choice for men whether they want to be hair-free. Some men can be very embarrassed by hairy hands and arms so just a couple of sessions of laser hair removal treatment may be all they need to thin out the hair a bit, and make it lighter rather than removing it altogether.

Laser hair treatment is a very clean and simple process. A small handset is moved across the areas of the body that a man wants targeting. In most cases you can be in the clinic and out again in a short space of time – so sessions can easily be fitted in to your lunch break, or before or after work.

Because my clinic is based in a quiet, residential suburb just outside Derby, there’s no embarrassment for male clients of being seen walking into a busy beauty salon in a town or city centre. Client confidentiality can be assured.

Avance Clinic is within easy access of the major Midlands towns and cities via the M1, A50, A38 and A52.

Contact me today to book a free consultation and a patch test  to try laser hair removal for yourself.