Professional women who need to make the most of their time are always looking for hair removal solutions that are quick, easy and effective.

It’s also a fact that women who spend time in meetings, presenting to groups of people or networking want to feel confident. Facial hair can make them feel miserable and self-conscious.

Laser hair removal can be an ideal solution for working and professional women.

Reasons to choose laser hair removal

  • Laser hair removal sessions are quick and there’s no mess – so it’s ideal to fit in sessions during a lunch break or before or after work.
  • Clients tell us that laser hair removal is less painful than electrolysis, waxing or IPL (sometimes called IPL laser treatment or Intense Pulsed Light treatment) especially on the sensitive skin of the upper lip.
  • A machine such as the top-of-the-range LightSheer®Duet™diode laser machine, which we use at the Avance Clinic, can be set to use the exact wavelength needed to effectively destroy hair roots without damaging the skin. Over a number of sessions you will get a permanent reduction of hair.
  • A course of laser hair removal sessions means you no longer need to shave with a disposable razor or a shaver every day – speeding up your morning routine.
  • You remove the risk of razor nicks or ingrown hairs.
  • Treatment by a trained operator makes laser hair removal tried, trusted and safe.

Feel more confident – laser away facial hair

Body language and gestures are an important part of communication. If facial hair is a problem, you may find that in business meetings you tend to keep you keep your head down or put your hand over your mouth – covering your upper lip and chin. These types of gestures, even if they are sub-conscious, can make you appear insecure or distract from the message you want to give.

It’s an extreme example, but I have even seen a woman stretch the neck of a polo-necked jumper up and over her chin as she was talking to a group of people.

To be the best version of yourself you need to have confidence, so banish thoughts of stubble on your chin and jaw line by taking advice and treatments from the Avance Clinic laser hair removal experts.

Save time and be holiday-ready with laser hair removal for underarms, bikini line and legs

If you run your own business, or work in a busy profession, you will know that holiday time is precious.

Who wants to waste valuable hours on their days off wielding a razor or shaver or smearing depilatory creams on their skin?

After a package of laser hair removal sessions you will be ready to hit the beach or the swimming pool every day, as soon as you want, knowing that your skin is silky-smooth.  You will be able to enjoy sight-seeing in the sunshine, wearing whatever you want, knowing that your underarms and legs are hair and stubble-free.

We take safety seriously at Avance Clinic and our trained experts can advise you how to stay safe in the sun following your laser hair removal treatments.

How do I find out more?

We are proud to be the experts in laser hair removal and at Avance Clinic we have helped many female business owners and entrepreneurs to discover the freedom of permanent hair removal.

Contact us today to ask any questions and to book a patch test. Once you have tried laser hair removal with our state-of-the-art machine, we think you’ll agree that it offers the best solution for busy, professional women.

Our clinic is situated on the outskirts of Derby, close to the M1, A38 and A50 making it easy to reach for woman travelling from across the East Midlands and West Midlands.