When it comes to permanent hair removal down there, it’s easy to get confused by all the different bikini styles and salon lingo. But don’t worry, because we’re making things a lot simpler, so next time you head to our clinic you know exactly what to ask for.

Now you can find out what all the names, shapes and techniques mean, from Brazilian to Hollywood, we’ve covered them all.


Ideal for a first timer, the bikini line touch up is exactly as the name would suggest, a tidy up around the edges. A good option if you want to keep things on the natural side, but prefer a little more definition. Hair is removed from anywhere outside of a modest panty line – so around the tops of thighs and any hair above your knickers.

Extended Bikini

Same as above but more taken off within the panty line to desired shape.

The Australian

An Australian style differs from other styles like a Brazilian as most of the hair is taken from around the sides, and the middle (labia) and around the back. If you feel more confident with having some hair there at the top pubic bone but nothing down below, then this is perfect for you. Why did this style get its name? Its a bush up top and nothing down under. The shape of the hair at the front is totally up to you, but the Australian is a classic and popular option. Other popular shapes include a tiny triangle and a postage stamp, but feel free to ask for whatever style you prefer

The Brazilian

Unlike the Austrailian version, when you go Brazilian they leave a short but thin landing strip of hair in the labia ‘Ali G style’, but hair removed around the back. (Yep, that means around your bum).
Just like with a Australian style, when having a Brazilian you can ask for whatever shape you like.

The Hollywood

This leaves you with no hair, nothing, nada, zip, zero‚Ķ catch our drift? So be prepared to take your knickers off and don’t be embarrassed to get into some yoga-esque poses so we can get everywhere, remember it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.
If unsure? Then come for a free patch test and we are happy to go through them all with you, remember it is permanent so it’s best be sure before we zap it away.