All clinics and salons offering laser hair removal are NOT the same. FACT!

In this article we’d like to tell you why we think you should choose Derby’s Avance Clinic when you are looking for safe and effective laser hair removal.

In recent years, laser hair removal has become a popular method of removing and permanently reducing unwanted body and facial hair. Of course it has! It’s great! This means that many beauty salons have added it to their list of treatments. But the equipment they use, the skill of the staff, the customer care and safety procedures will vary from place to place. So, here are our five reasons why we think you should choose Avance Clinic in Derby when you are considering laser hair removal sessions.

1. State-of-the-art equipment

Our founder, Carly Bartram, was working in her own beauty business when she heard from client after client that what they REALLY, REALLY wanted was a permanent, powerful solution to unwanted facial and body hair.

In 2018, after a full two years of research and training, Carly invested in the top-of-the-range Lumenis LightSheer Duet diode laser machine to provide high-quality hair removal that is safe and effective on all parts of the face and body.

Demand soon meant that she had to find larger premises. In October 2019, Avance moved into its current home – a four-room clinic on the outskirts of Derby city centre – and took on more trusted, expert technicians. Word had spread about the results that the LightSheer Duet machine could achieve and people couldn’t wait to try it for themselves.

Carly said: “All the laser hair removal technicians who work at Avance Clinic are fully-qualified in operating what we believe is the BEST equipment available in the UK for safe, comfortable, fast results that our clients love.

“There are many different types of laser technology, but my research – backed up by independent skin experts – assures me that the Lumenis LightSheer Duet gives the best results for my clients.”

2. Modern, well-equipped clinic

Avance Clinic is in a quiet suburb, ideal for people to pop in for discreet visits. There is parking right outside the door.

We provide laser hair removal and laser skin treatments and a small number of specialist beauty treatments. We want our clients’ to enjoy stepping out of their busy lives and into our calm oasis of tranquillity.

We have created a calm, modern and relaxing clinic. The décor and the facilities are designed to help you feel as if you have had a really energising and enjoyable break in your day and leave with a new spring of confidence in your step.

3. Expert, friendly staff

You are never a number to us. We care about every client we speak to or meet and we know that everyone is unique. All our staff members are focused on creating a memorable experience for everyone who walks through our doors or calls or messages us. You are assured of a warm and friendly welcome and if you are nervous about anything we have all the knowledge and experience to provide reassurance. We don’t employ sales staff or school leavers without experience. All our staff are fully-qualified in the services they provide.

You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you want – there is no such thing as a silly question. We always listen to your hopes and fears. Our staff members are here to guide you through the process and ensure that you always feel confident and happy. We know that the more information you have from the start, the easier it is for you to make the right decision and the happier you will be with your results in the end.

We have expanded in recent years because clients KNOW they can trust us to give them the advice that is in their best interests.

4. Everyone gets a consultation and a free patch test

We have written before about why we always do a consultation and a free patch test for any new clients considering laser hair removal.

It’s an important safety check and we are all about ensuring that health and safety is a top priority at Avance Clinic.

Some salons may skip this step or charge you for it; we never will.

It’s an opportunity for us to find out more about you and your skin and the results you want to see. We promise we will always be honest with you about how long it might take to see the results you want.

We love how laser hair removal can change lives and we want you to love it too.

5. We never do a ‘hard-sell’

No-one enjoys being ‘sold to’ and we will never pressurise you into buying treatments or added extras. We get great feedback and testimonials from our clients and word-of-mouth is a major source of our work already. That only happens because we make sure that everyone who comes to us gets expert advice and the knowledge they need to decide if laser hair removal is right for them – right now. We love helping people enjoy the confidence that smooth, hair-free skin brings, but if you decide to postpone your decision, that’s fine by us.

In fact, we take a confidential medical history from all new clients at your laser consultation and if there are any risk factors we will say so and we will not let you go ahead. For example, there are a small number of conditions and medical treatments you might be going through which would mean this is not the right time for you to have laser hair removal treatment.

Lots of clinics claim to offer ‘LOWEST PRICES’ or the ‘FASTEST RESULTS’. It can be really confusing. We don’t need to shout in capital letters. Our results and our happy clients speak for themselves – and we just want to show people how life-changing laser hair removal can be.

Now that you have read five reasons why you should choose Derby’s Avance Clinic for laser hair removal, you can contact us for a chat on 01332 460045. Alternatively, you can go ahead and book your free patch test and consultation at https://www.avanceclinicderby.co.uk/make-a-booking/