One of the main questions we are asked about laser hair removal is, ‘Does it hurt?’

If you’ve never had laser hair removal treatment, it’s natural to be apprehensive. Lots of people can be a bit scared of the unknown. Of course, some people are naturally fearless. They’re the thrill seekers who dive out of planes and get their kicks from extreme sports!

We’re all different – and that also means we have different perceptions of pain and discomfort.

In this article we’ll share our own experiences of laser hair removal and what our clients have said. We’ll also tell you about the special features of our Lumenis LightSheer Duet machines and how they minimise any discomfort.

It’s important to remember that you can book a free consultation and a patch test with us at Avance Clinic to experience laser hair removal on a small area of your face or body. That’s got to be the best way to find out for yourself.

We’ve all had laser hair removal ourselves

ALL our trained laser hair technicians at Avance Clinic have had the treatment themselves and none of us would recommend if it we thought our clients would have a bad experience.

When our founder Carly Bartram began researching the technologies available for permanent hair reduction, she was REALLY thorough! She read lots of opinions from top skin experts and members of the medical profession and looked at different machines, listened to customer testimonials and investigated the science behind the claims being made.

She also tried laser hair removal for herself. She loved it and couldn’t wait to share it with all her clients. Her opinion, after many months of testing and research, was that the best machine on the market was the Lumenis LightSheer Duet – a medical-grade laser that she believed was the most effective and the most comfortable.

How do people describe the feeling of laser hair removal?

There are a number of factors that affect what you will feel when you have laser hair removal treatment. Different parts of your body and face are more sensitive than others. The upper lip is more sensitive than the chin, for example, and underarms can be more sensitive than legs. The thickness of your skin has an impact on what you feel. Underarms and upper lips are where the skin is particularly thin.

The type of machine used will affect what you feel. Some early laser machines, and some IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machines, can feel quite uncomfortable. I’d go as far as to use the P-word, ‘painful’! Many people describe it as like a thick elastic band being stretched back as far as possible and then flicked at speed against your skin. Customers who have tried other, older technologies tell us that our machines are much more gentle.

If you’ve ever had waxing you may have found that quite (or VERY!) painful. We think, and our clients agree, that laser hair removal treatment at Avance Clinic is much gentler than waxing and much less painful than electrolysis.

As we said before, everyone has a slightly different perception of discomfort and MANY Avance Clinic clients tell us they feel NO pain at all with us – just a tickling sensation. For others, there is minimal discomfort.

Clients are thrilled with the results they get. One Avance Clinic customer said: “I have just had my fourth laser hair removal appointment. I can’t believe the difference it has made. I feel so much more confident and like a woman again.”

Another of our clients said of her laser treatment: “Sarah explained everything to me and I knew exactly what was going to be happening throughout. Professional and knowledgeable – exactly what you want when having a treatment like this. I felt relaxed and comfortable. Life changing! Thank you! Two weeks after my first session and I’m already noticing the difference! I’m totally and utterly amazed!”

Why are the lasers we use more comfortable than some others?

Generally, older technology is more likely to cause you pain. State-of-the-art equipment, like ours at Avance Clinic, has been developed to provide greater comfort. Older laser machines can make you grit your teeth and clench your fists to get through a session. You may feel that strong ‘elastic band flick’ we described before and sometimes a burning sensation. This is why some salons offer numbing creams to clients before a laser hair removal session. This can be messy and means that the session takes longer. We don’t use anaesthetic creams because our clients don’t need them.

Our LightSheer Duet machine has two unique features that minimise any discomfort. The first one is a high speed vacuum-assisted technology for treating large areas.  A large handpiece, suctions the skin and stretches it. This means you just feel a slight vacuum pressure. You don’t feel the pulses of the laser at all.  The second feature is ChillTip™ integrated cooling technology used when treating smaller areas, such as the upper lip, and when precision treatment is required.

If you’re ever tempted by the offer of ‘bargain basement prices’ from other salons or clinics offering laser hair removal, ask them about the technology they use and the qualifications of the staff members operating it. Maybe their prices are so cheap because they’re using older technologies and their staff members are unqualified and inexperienced? This may cause you more discomfort and give disappointing results. ‘Cheap’ laser hair removal can cost you more in the long run and may even risk damaging your skin.

If I get any discomfort, what can I do?

There’s a longer description of how laser hair removal works here, but, in brief, the laser beam targets and destroys hair.

Some people can feel some heat in the area after a session, because the laser emissions stay in the skin for 24 hours. Others don’t notice anything. If your skin feels a bit hot, that’s perfectly normal. You could pop an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas on it if you feel the need.

Some clients have told us that if they are having their periods they feel a little more discomfort from both waxing and laser hair removal. That’s because your skin is more sensitive at that time of the month. So, maybe schedule your laser hair removal sessions for between your periods.

Many clients say that any minimal discomfort they feel on a first session gets less when they are treated again. This may be because their body knows what to expect, but it is also likely that as hair disappears, and any remaining hair gets finer, any sensation reduces.

Avoiding sunlight

It is important to avoid direct sunlight, or wear sunscreen if you are out in the sun, for four weeks before and after a treatment. This is because the combination of laser treatment and the sun’s natural rays means you are at a high risk of painful burning and your skin MIGHT develop unsightly pigmentation patches.

Remember that the medical-grade lasers we use reduce the time each session takes. So, when you have laser hair removal with us, you’ll be getting on with your day again in no time. It’s also likely that you will get the results you want more quickly than with different machines at some other salons. Clients tell us any small discomfort is fleeting and worth it for the long term benefits – an end to waxing, shaving and unsightly, unwanted hair.

Try it for yourself

Don’t just take our word for it, come and try a laser hair removal patch test for yourself, free of charge and with no obligation. If you’re a new client we always offer you a free consultation where you can ask as many questions as you like, listen to the experiences of our technicians and have a patch test where we operate the laser on a small area of your skin. We believe you will go away delighted and ready to enjoy the life-enhancing benefits of permanent hair reduction.