Laser Hair Removal Derby

Would you like to say goodbye to daily shaving, ingrown hairs and rashes?

Would you be delighted to stop wasting your time on awkward plucking with tweezers?

Would you be overjoyed if you never had to spread messy, smelly hair removal cream on your skin again or endure painful electrolysis or waxing?

Imagine the freedom of having smooth, silky skin all year round…

It’s possible and we can help you achieve it thanks to the latest laser hair removal technology.


Laser Hair Removal Special Offers

Package 1) Full Arms & Underarms
WAS £112.00 NOW £75.00*
Package 2) Full Legs, Extended Bikini, Feet & Toes
WAS £243.00 NOW £150.00*
Package 3) Australian/Hollywood & Perianal
WAS £112.00 now £75.00*
Package 4) Full Back & Shoulders
WAS £119.50 now £63.50*
*Per session when you buy a pack of 8 sessions or more.

Lumenis LightSheer® DUET™ in Derby

This state-of-the-art diode laser machine delivers permanent, comfortable hair reduction. We are happy to offer a free, no-obligation consultation and a patch test so you can ask any questions and learn more about this fantastic treatment. Contact us to book an appointment.

Unwanted facial and body hair means misery for many people who spend hours every week struggling with razors, creams and wax and enduring pain and discomfort for temporary results and bristly regrowth.

Laser Hair Removal

Excessive facial hair can have a major impact on confidence and cause real embarrassment and unhappiness. Having smooth, hair-free cheeks, chin and upper lip can make a massive difference to a woman’s confidence levels.

Perhaps it’s the battle with removing body hair that causes you stress.  Laser hair removal treatment would allow you to go swimming, laze on the beach, go bare-legged in strapless party dresses or use communal gym changing rooms without fear or embarrassment.

Men also find laser hair removal a quick and convenient way to remove unwanted or excessive hair from their chests, back, shoulders and other parts of their bodies. It’s a completely natural, personal choice for men to choose to have areas of smooth skin. Laser hair removal is ideal for men who just want to thin out hair rather than remove it completely. One or two sessions will stop some hair growing back. Avance Clinic offers privacy away from busy shopping centres. Clients can park easily outside and have a treatment during any short break in their busy day.

A course of treatments with the Lumenis LightSheer® DUET™ can also save you lots of time, and in the long run money, compared to electrolysis, daily (or twice daily) shaving, waxing or messy depilatory creams.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

What is diode laser treatment?
A diode laser, such as the Lumenis LightSheer® DUET™, produces a beam of highly concentrated light that is absorbed by melanin, the pigment that gives hair its colour. This light converts into heat as it passes through the skin. This heats up the root of the hair, known as the hair follicle, but avoids the tissue surrounding it. The heat damages the hair follicle and permanently disables its ability to regrow over time. Because the laser light works on the melanin, laser hair treatment is particularly effective for dark, coarse hair which often causes the most embarrassment to people. The handpiece used with the laser machine is able to treat lots of hair follicles at the same time, on any part of your body, making the treatment much faster and more effective than other hair removal methods.
What makes diode the leading laser hair removal treatment in the UK?
The wavelength used in a diode laser was developed specifically for the removal of unwanted hair. Diode lasers have a cooled tip, which makes the experience more comfortable than the original, old-style laser hair removal machines that could leave your skin feeling hot and sore.
How long has laser hair removal been available in the UK?
Laser hair removal first became available commercially in the mid-1990s, but it has been used since the 1960s. It is a tried and tested method of hair removal and has been extensively researched. We would not use any equipment that we did not trust to provide a safe and positive experience for our clients.
How does diode laser hair removal compare to IPL hair removal treatment?
IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it was the first hair removal system to work by heating up the hair follicle and damaging it. IPL works like a flash-lamp, sending out a variety of different light waves, meaning that its impact on unwanted hair is more random and less powerful than laser treatment. A correctly trained operator can set up a diode laser machine to the right wavelength to target the pigment in the hair making it less of a scattergun approach. Diode laser hair removal sessions are quicker than IPL too, and less sessions are needed to get the results you want. Laser treatment is ideal for busy women and men who have lots of other things they would rather do than worry about hair removal. IPL only really works for those with fair skin and dark hair, but laser treatment is effective on larger areas, darker skin, suntanned skin (although you must avoid sunbathing before or soon after a treatment session) and hair with different shades of colour, or pigment. Laser hair removal with the Lumenis LightSheer® DUET™ machine is also less painful than IPL or electrolysis in the opinion of clients and experts.
How did you come to the decision of picking the right diode machine?
We believe that our clients deserve the best, so our owner, Carly Bartram, has researched all the available methods and chosen to invest in a top-of-the-range Lumenis LightSheer® DUET™ machine. She believes that our clients will be delighted with the life-changing results it offers. Carly has built her reputation on delivering great service and using only top class products. This means that our clients recommend us to others and return time and time again. Our reputation is important to us and we would only choose a laser hair removal system that we believe is safe, effective and gives results that our clients will want to share with their own friends and family.
What is involved in each laser hair removal session?
There is no need for our staff members to apply topical anaesthetics or gels to your face or body before using the Lumenis LightSheer® DUET™ machine. You will be given goggles to wear and then the handpiece will be swept gently across the area to be treated. Within a few minutes your treatment will be over and you will be getting on with the rest of your day.
How long does each laser hair removal session take?
It only takes between five and 10 minutes to treat your bikini line or underarms or upper lip and chin. It takes between 15 and 20 minutes to treat larger areas such as lower legs, upper legs, full leg or arms.
When should you have diode laser hair removal treatment?
Do not book a treatment when you have recently been exposed to the sun. Because the laser targets pigment (colour) there is a risk of burning. For the same reason you should apply sun block to any areas of the face and body that have been treated by a laser for at least four weeks after a session. Do not wax or pluck hair with tweezers before treatment as this makes the treatment less effective because it disrupts the natural hair growth cycle.
Why is it important to visit a professional clinic?
There are many beauty clinics and practitioners now offering laser treatment, but it is important that you put your trust in an expert who is trained in using the machine they operate. Side effects are rare and usually minor. They may include some redness and swelling around the hair follicle.
How many sessions are required to ensure a successful result?
Because everyone’s facial and body hair grows at a slightly different rate, we can’t guarantee exactly how many sessions you will need to get the results you want. Some people need fewer sessions than others. Generally, after each treatment, you’ll see a noticeable, permanent reduction in the number of hairs that regrow on the area of skin that has been treated. As a general guide, eight treatments can permanently reduce the number of regrowing hairs by up to 80%. Multiple sessions are needed because laser treatment works best when hairs are in the early stage of growth, known as Anagen. This is when the hair is visible above the skin and the hair shaft is firmly attached to the root, or follicle. A hair on your face or body usually stays in this stage for two or three weeks. All the hairs on your face and body are at different stages of growth all the time. You may need occasional maintenance sessions, perhaps one or two a year, to keep the results you have achieved. This is because new hairs may start growing where they have not grown before, perhaps because of changes in your hormone levels as you approach or enter menopause or because of medication you may have been prescribed. Hair growth can be affected by heredity, stress and medication as well as hormonal changes, so everyone is slightly different.
How much does each session cost?

Please note that the prices below are for individual area treatments. We offer combined area treatments at lower prices, however the potential number of combinations is so big we can’t list them all. Please contact us to let us know what you would like and we’ll give you a price.

Area 1 Treatment 6 Sessions 8 Sessions Top Up of 3
Upper Lip £25.00 £126.00 £152.00 £63.00
Chin £25.00 £126.00 £152.00 £63.00
Between Eyebrows £25.00 £126.00 £152.00 £63.00
Ear Lobes £25.00 £126.00 £152.00 £63.00
Upper Lip & Chin £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Forehead £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Side Burns £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Nape (Back of Neck) £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Knees £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Areolas £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Chest £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Abdomen £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Shoulders £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Feet £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Hands £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Underarms £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Buttocks £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Half Arms £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Perianal £50.00 £252.00 £296.00 £126.00
Extended Bikini £75.00 £378.00 £448.00 £189.00
Brazilian £75.00 £378.00 £448.00 £189.00
Upper Back £75.00 £378.00 £448.00 £189.00
Lower Back £75.00 £378.00 £448.00 £189.00
Upper Back & Shoulders £85.00 £428.00 £508.00 £215.00
Upper Lip, Chin, Neck, Sides, Cheeks £100.00 £498.00 £600.00 £249.00
Full Arms £100.00 £498.00 £600.00 £249.00
Full Face £100.00 £498.00 £600.00 £249.00
Half Legs (Upper or Lower) £100.00 £498.00 £600.00 £249.00
Australian £100.00 £498.00 £600.00 £249.00
Hollywood £100.00 £498.00 £600.00 £249.00
Full Legs £200.00 £996.00 £1,200.00 £498.00
Full Body Excluding Face £500.00 £2,502.00 £3,000.00
Full Body Including Face £550.00 £2,748.00 £3,296.00



If you’re still undecided about whether laser hair removal is right for you, we offer every new client a patch test and a no-obligation consultation where we can discuss the results you are likely to see and answer any questions.
Ring us on 01332 460045 or 07814 930 349 or email for more information.