Waxing treatment Derby

We have private clinic facilities on the outskirts of the city of Derby where we can offer waxing treatments for men and women to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. Waxing remains a popular way for the removal of hair of any colour or type from coarse, black hair to paler, downy fuzz.

Waxing treatment in Derby

Avance Clinic is easy for customers to get to from across the Midlands. We are close to the A38, the A50, A52 and M1 but away from busy shopping centres. This means we offer customers a high level of privacy and discretion. There is no need to feel embarrassed, as you might do if people saw you walking into a busy high street beauty salon to have hair removed.

Hair removal choices

At Avance Clinic, we have the experience to safely wax all parts of your face, body and intimate areas.

It’s not just women who are frustrated and unhappy because of hair that persistently grows where they don’t want it – underarms, chins, legs, to name just three. Men can also have hair growth that they dislike, or which causes them embarrassment, on their shoulders, backs, hands, ears and other places.

It’s a matter of personal choice where you want to be hair-free. Fashions have changed down the centuries and around the world some countries are poles apart with their ideas of what is desirable when it comes to facial and body hair.

If you want to know more about the waxing services that we offer at Avance Clinic, give us a call or drop us an email. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Why choose waxing as your hair removal method?

We can all be self-conscious because of facial hair and body hair. It can have a big impact on our self-confidence which in turn affects our working life, our relationships and our social life.

Wouldn’t you like to step out with a glow of confidence all-year round? Whether it’s summer and you’re lazing on the beach, swimming and taking parts in sports or whether it’s winter and you’re out at parties, dancing and enjoying a hectic round of fun, you want to feel and look your best.

Waxing is a tried and tested method of hair removal, which has been used for centuries. When you book a waxing appointment with an experienced beauty professional it is a quick process allowing you to swiftly get back to your day and the results can last for a few weeks.

It is believed that the ancient civilisations of Greek and Egypt invented an early waxing method where a sticky beeswax paste was spread onto the skin and a strip of cloth was pressed on top. The cloth was then pulled off forcefully taking the hair with it.

This proved popular because people realised that hair takes longer to grow back if it is pulled out from the roots, as it is by waxing.

The skin is smoother after waxing than after shaving. Hair also grows back slower and finer. Some hairs eventually stop growing altogether. When a hair had been pulled from the same spot multiple times, the root can be damaged permanently so that it cannot grow another hair.

Slower, finer hair regrowth after waxing avoids the problem of unsightly and often itchy stubble and the problem of razor burns and nicks.

Why do we have hair on our bodies and faces?

Compared to many mammals, such as chimpanzees, humans have evolved to be less hairy. In prehistoric times we believe that cavemen and women had more facial and body hair than us because it kept them warm. Thick hair on their heads and bodies would also have made it easier for our earliest ancestors to hide among trees and bushes from animals that wanted to kill and eat them. The same camouflage gave them an advantage when it came to hunting the smaller mammals that they ate.

As we evolved, we wore clothes and built homes that gave us protection from the weather and wild animal predators. Humans also moved to warmer countries where they needed to keep cool so over the generations our hair thinned out and fashion became the reason most people wanted to start removing hair.

Hair on our head protects us from the sun and our eyelashes and eyebrows protect our eyes from sweat, dust and other foreign bodies. Hair on our legs, tummies, back and chests is left over from those caveman days.

Some scientists believe that the hair under our arms and in our pubic area probably had a role centuries ago in helping us to attract a mate and continue the survival of the species by magnifying our individual, natural scent. This would also explain why hair only starts to grow in these areas when we hit puberty.

When we are toddlers and young children we have soft, short, fuzzy hair on some parts of our bodies. This is called vellus hair and we keep some of it as we grow older. When we hit puberty, some of this hair starts to get darker and hair also grows in places where we didn’t have it as children, such as in our armpits. This is because of our changing hormone levels. Men usually have more body and facial hair than women because of the male hormone testosterone.

Everyone’s facial and body hair grows at a slightly different rate, but the hairs on our heads, bodies and faces are continually emerging. growing, falling out and being replaced. Understanding the cycle of hair growth is key to understanding why waxing is an effective hair removal method.

Every individual hair that we have grows from a root under the skin called a follicle.

There are three stages of growth called anagen, catagen and telogen.

Anagen is the phase when the hair is growing out of the root and can be seen above the skin. Every square inch of skin (except the soles of our feet, the lips, palms of our hands and some areas of our genitals) can contain up to 2,500 hair follicles but sometimes only about 100 of them are showing above the skin.

Catagen is a resting phase where the hair stops growing and is cut off from the blood supply that was providing nourishment during the anagen phase. This can last a few days, but varies from person to person.

Telogen is also known as the shedding phase and is when hair prepares to fall out and be replaced by another new hair.

The speed of hair growth can be affected by the genes we inherit from our parents, any stress we may be suffering, medication we may be taking and hormonal changes, such as pregnancy or the menopause.

Frequently Asked Questions about waxing

How long should hair be before I can get a wax?

If you hair is too short, just a couple of millimetres above the skin, it is hard for the wax to grip firmly to the hair shaft and pull it completely out from the root. It also means that in the area around these tiny hairs there will be others just below the surface. This leads to disappointment when you find hairs growing within days of your waxing appointment. To get long-lasting, smooth skin we recommend that you allow as many hair as possible to come through the skin to between 4mm and 6mm. This is about the length of a single grain of uncooked rice.

What is the difference between a Hollywood and Brazilian wax?

A Hollywood wax removes all the hair from the genital area leaving you totally hair-free from front to back. A Brazilian was usually leaves a small amount of hair at the front – often as a small strip. Some women prefer to just have their public hair tidied up so that no hair shows outside the legs of underwear or swimming costumes. At Avance Clinic we will discuss exactly what each customer wants from a ‘tidy up’ to full removal of public hair.

Does waxing hurt?

Make sure that the beauty technician carrying out your waxing has years of experience, as we do at Avance Clinic. This means we are able to minimise discomfort and carry out waxing appointments swiftly and effectively. Any discomfort lasts a second and does not linger. Also, bear in mind that over time waxing gets easier, so if you wax regularly you will find the discomfort lessens and the hair regrowth slows and becomes finer. Everyone has a difference experience and tolerance of discomfort and where you are being waxed may have an impact on the minor discomfort you feel momentarily.

Why choose Avance Clinic for waxing?

We have been carrying out waxing on customers since 2004 so we have extensive experience and expertise in minimising any discomfort and getting the best results possible.

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