When we’re spending a day in the sunshine, most of us now grab sun cream or sunscreen to protect our skin against the ageing and damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Well, we HOPE you do!

But do you know that you need to use sunscreen if you’re having laser treatment too? It’s really important and we’ll explain why.

What is an SPF rating?

The SPF, or sun protection factor, is the number that show us how much protection a sun cream will offer against UVB rays. These are the rays that damage the outer layers of the skin and are the main cause of sunburn. Your risk of skin cancer is increased if you don’t protect yourself against the sun.

SPF2 is the lowest protection and SPF50 is the highest. A lot of moisturisers now offer a protection of SPF15, because this is the recommended minimum for us to wear in the UK.

What does the star rating mean?

The star rating on our bottle or tube of sun lotion shows us how much Ultraviolet A radiation (UVA) protection it offers, up to the highest five star rating.

UVA targets the skin more deeply than UVB and is a key factor in skin wrinkling and ageing. A ‘broad spectrum’ sunscreen protects you against both UVA and UVB rays.

Why does sunscreen matter during laser treatment?

If you are having laser hair removal treatment, or treatment for any of 30 skin conditions with our M22 laser, it’s important you stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen before and between treatments.

This is because your skin will be more sensitive as a result of the laser treatment and you are likely to burn much easier than normal. There is also an increased risk that you might experience some skin discolouration or pigmentation.

You should wear at least SPF30 or more (preferably a total sun block of SPF50) whenever you are outside, for four weeks before a session. This means EVERY DAY – not just when it’s sunny – because that sneaky UV radiation gets through to your skin even on a cloudy day.

What about fake tan?

A great fake tan can make you glow with confidence and looks so good with sexy, smooth skin – but they are a big NO-NO for any areas of your body or face where you are going to have laser hair removal treatment. This is because they make the skin darker, artificially, and that means the laser can target the fake tan in your skin as well as the melanin in your hair and this can cause problems. We recommend that you don’t use fake tan or sunless sun creams for at least four weeks before a laser treatment.

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