Aloe Vera is sometimes called ‘the wonder plant’ and we’d like to tell you why we recommend it and why we think it’s wonderful.

It’s been used for its healing properties for at least 6,000 years and today you can find it in juice drinks, shampoos, soaps, body lotions and lots more.

Maybe you’ve used an Aloe Vera gel or cream to cool and soothe a nasty case of sunburn, but this little plant with its gel-filled leaves can do a lot more than that!

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can calm red, itchy, inflamed skin and some people find that it helps with psoriasis and acne.

It works on the most sensitive of skins and we recommend it for gently cooling the skin after laser treatment for hair removal, tattoo removal or other skin conditions.

It absorbs straight into the skin with a lovely light, non-greasy texture and makes a wonderful moisturiser for dry skin.

The gel from the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant is packed full of vitamins and amino acids. It can help your digestive system if you drink it and nourish the skin and hair if you apply it to your body. What a multi-tasker!

Because of its superhero soothing powers, it can take the ‘ouch’ out of bee stings, nettle stings and minor burns.

We love it and we keep a tube of Aloe Vera gel close by all year round. You’ll find it in lots of supermarkets, health stores and chemists but it’s a good idea to check the label and buy the purest version you can find. Check the Aloe Vera content (100% is ideal) and try and get one without any added ingredients.