“Aren’t all laser hair removal machines the same?”

Is that what YOU are thinking?

If so, you’d better read our six reasons why we love the Lumenis LightSheer Duet and use it for all our laser hair removal procedures.

If you’re in a real rush today, we can sum it up in four key areas:

  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s safe
  • The treatments are quick
  • It really works!

Now, if you can stick around a bit longer, here’s the science and the detail behind the six reasons why we love the LightSheer Duet.

Comfortable laser hair removal

1. Lumenis LightSheer Duet has vacuum-assisted technology which takes away the pain often associated with laser hair removal. It also makes each treatment more effective, permanently damaging more hair follicles at each treatment so they can never grow back. A large handpiece, called the LightSheer HS, suctions the skin into the handpiece and stretches it. This means you just feel a slight vacuum pressure. You don’t feel the pulses of the laser at all. Because the skin is gently suctioned into the handpiece, it brings the hair follicles closer to the energy source. This means the heat is going straight into the hair follicles and destroying them.

2. The Lumenis LightSheer Duet has a second handpiece, called the LightSheer ET, with a small spot size. This enables precise targeting of small areas, such as the upper lip. It comes with a unique ChillTip for cooling the skin and minimising discomfort. Having a large and a small handpiece gives our expert technicians fabulous flexibility to treat hair quickly and effectively all over the face and body, for women and men. For example, if you yearn for hair-free underarms – and no more daily shaving – we will carry out a first treatment using the larger handpiece. On follow-up treatments we can see where the hair is NOT growing back and for any little patches where hairs are still growing we can use the small handpiece to focus closely on them. Laser works best when hairs are in the early growth phase (known as anagen) and not all hairs are in this phase at the same time. That’s why everyone needs more than one treatment. There’s more detail about this in a previous blog post called How permanent is laser hair removal?

Faster, effective treatment times – so you can get on with your day

3. Treatment times are about 70% faster on large areas, such as the legs and back, when using the LightSheer Duet compared to standard laser hair removal technologies. That’s got to be great news for people who want to get on with their busy lives and not spend up to an hour lying on their backs like a stranded turtle! Using the LightSheer HS handset, full legs can be treated in 20 minutes compared to an average treatment time of an hour with other systems. Similar time savings are seen when men have their backs lasered. The Lumenis technology means that we can begin lasering as soon as you step into our treatment rooms. There’s no waiting to apply numbing creams, which are needed with some lasers to combat pain.

4. More hair follicles are destroyed, and left unable to re-grow, when the LightSheer Duet passes over them. A laser beam of highly concentrated light is produced and absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which gives it its colour. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second and the hair heats up as it absorbs the light. For the best results, you want the root of the hair to be zapped. The large handpiece, the LightSheer HS, is great for this. It can zap lots of hair follicles with each pulse, and penetrate deeper to the roots, making it much faster than standard laser hair removal machines.

Laser hair removal that is safe and customised for YOU

5. ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ when it comes to choosing your clothes, hair and skin products, so why should your laser hair removal be any different? The great news is that the LightSheer duet machine can be set at the start of each session, by our expert technicians, for your skin type, hair colour and the density of the hair. Settings can be adjusted so that you get the outcome you want in safety and in the shortest possible time.

6. Lumenis, the makers of the LightSheer Duet, insist on rigorous training for anyone who operates its gold standard machines. At Avance Clinic, all our technicians know these machines inside out and have been fully trained. We insist on a free consultation and patch test for all new laser hair removal clients so that we can ensure the treatment is right for you and that you know exactly what to expect. Side effects are rare and if they do occur they are usually minor and temporary. They may include redness on the skin that has been treated and perhaps slight swelling around the hair follicle. These are actually evidence that the treatment has had a positive effect in taking out pesky hairs. We offer comprehensive aftercare to ensure you are confident and comfortable throughout your course of treatment.


We’ve looked at the rest, and we believe LightSheer Duet is the best. It is the only solution we recommend for high speed, permanent hair reduction in comfort and safety.